After stocking up on the breakfast buffet it’s time to get to Canillo. My backpack goes in the trunk of the bus and I have visions of the driver taking off before I have chance to retrieve it. Thankfully that doesn’t happen and I manage to get both myself and my luggage to Canillo.

After getting some fuel (for us and the stove) it’s straight into the hiking.

So far so good, we reach the Planell de les Basses and in the excitement of spotting the first red and white GR11 markers take a left instead of a right – doh! Luckily we realise before too long and after lunch get back on track. Manage to walk up the steep hill to the Coll d’Ordino twice after a bit of dithering about the route – doh 2!

Pass a couple who have been walking for 30 days, they tell us this is the worst part of the GR11 they have done so far, nothing like jumping in at the deep end.

We had a late start so push on until it starts to get dark, and then find the first available spot to pitch the tent.