Straight into the walking today, manage to lose the GR11 and end up in Sornàs, no great problem though, it’s only a short walk to La Cortinada and we’re back en route. We reach Arans and then it’s time for the “tough ascent to Coll de les Cases” and they weren’t lying! The Coll is a beautiful place to have lunch though.

Going down the other side is almost as tiring as going up and we decide to call it a day when we reach Arinsal. We decide to head for a campsite recommended in the book, supposedly 4km down the road which you can catch a bus to. We get off the bus only to find the campsite is another 1.3km away – probably explains why the driver was confused and I just thought it was my bad Spanish. Head back to Arinsal and get a cheap room in a Hostal.

We’re starting to realise that the timings in the book are ridiculously optimistic, actually pure fantasy would be a better way of describing them and there’s lots of other little inaccuracies.