After swapping the book I “acquired” in Espot for new reading material at the hostel, time to pick up the car, a new Peugeot 107 with less than two thousand miles on the clock. After christening him Pug (not very imaginative I know) it’s all the way back to Lleida we go.

Then from Lleida up to Benasque, pick up two Czech boys who are trying to hitch hike to Toulouse, thus my hitch hiking karma is restored. Plus it’s nice to have some company aside from Spanish radio.

Reach Benasque and the rain that has been threatening finally arrives. Benasque is a lot bigger than expected and beginning to wonder whether I’ll actually be able to find Barry again. Consider staking out the supermarket but there’s more than one so probably not much point. Amazingly 30 minutes after I arrive I manage to find him.