San Fransea lion

Our journey south went as far as LA, nothing much to interest us there, we saw the Hollywood sign up on the hill and that was enough. So east to Joshua Tree National Park, a new place for both of us.

And it didn’t disappoint. Lots of granite boulders (quartz monzonite if you’re interested) surrounded by, unsurprisingly Joshua Trees. Lots of fun scrambling about, the rock is some of the roughest I’ve felt, very grippy! Found myself a throne, and a nice little hole to lie down in, would have been a great bivy spot but the rock was so coarse I worried about my sleeping bag getting torn so stuck to the tent.

Elsewhere in the park were the chollo gardens, thousands of cacti all together on this one particular hillside. At night we had fun pretending to be joshua trees as the sun went down.

Definitely a place to go back to (and I’ll be taking a full rack of climbing gear next time). The campsite right amongst the boulders was once of the nicest I’ve been to.