Malham TarnWater crossing

Left Nottingham in glorious sunshine but the clouds descended as we got closer and closer to the Dales. The route profile was basically up along down, so we knew that the first hill was the only major climb and it was all on road so nothing too strenuous. Still it was relief to be at the top, even if it was only shortlived as we rounded a corner and encountered the wind, vicious is the only way to describe it. We battled on to Malham Tarn where we were finally able to turn out of the wind. Turning onto Mastiles Lane we encountered lots of fluffy cows before a great descent down to a stream crossing. Time for a snack and then onwards, muddy but rideable, in the Dales it seems there’s actually something solid under the mud, quite unlike the Peak District stuff! We had a beginner in our ranks so we cut the ride short and took the road past Gordale back to Malham, 31mph top speed, if only you didn’t have to watch out for cars. A quick change of clothes and then tea and cake!

Route Map