Day 1

Yellow Flowers

Leaving the sunny south coast behind we drove up into the clouds, towards Fataga along windy roads lined with cactuses. It wasn’t long before the views were replaced by walls of white and then the rain started to fall. The windscreen wiper on our rental car made a bid for freedom but was unsuccessful and we detoured back to the airport so it could be put back in its place.

Day 2

The green NorthNorth West Coast of Gran Canaria

A plan to wander around Teror and Las Palmas was abandoned due to the inclement weather we encountered as we headed north, instead we decided to drive full circle around the island. The recent rain made the driving interesting, debris from little landslides littered the road, but the scenery was great. As we reached the south of the island we were greeted by sunshine once again.

Day 3


Time to bike, but it is a holiday after all so the Chira tour with Freemotion seemed like just the thing – 500m of ascent and 1550m of descent. We were greeted once more by clouds as we were shuttled up to our start point in the interior. I soon had hotaches with only my fingerless gloves on as we descended towards the Chira reservoir. We were chasing rainbows most of the morning (not all our lives as per the Shed Seven song), or perhaps they were chasing us. The route was mainly rocky tracks, fun but nothing very taxing on our bouncy bikes which allowed us to enjoy the scenery. The last 10 km were on a rollercoaster of a road, maximum speed according to our gps was 61 km per hour!

Route on Google Maps

Day 4

Out of focus Sea SlugYellow Fish

We’d hoped to go snorkelling around the El CabrĂ³n Marine Reserve but the wind wasn’t on our side and it was very rough on the east coast, so we had to retreat to a more sheltered location. Lots of fishes and my first sea slug and lots of out of focus pictures! I’d forgotten quite how floaty salt water so taking pictures wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. You live and learn!

Day 5

On the way to Roque NubloRoque Bentaiga overlooking Tejeda

Determined to witness ‘La Cumbre’ without the cloud and mist we set our alarms for 5am (so much for a holiday!) in the hope we could beat the weather. It was not to be, it was thick with mist and the wind was fierce, as we reached Pico de Nieves we saw the remains of the previous days snow but that was about all we could see. Not wanting the drive to be for nothing, we decided to do the short walk to Roque Nublo. Gaps in the cloud allowed gave us glimpses of the mountains surrounding us and there were no other crazy fools there that time in the morning so it was nice to enjoy the silence. We headed west to see if the weather was any better there but there was only rain. Making our way back towards Maspalomas we emerged into sunshine as we reached Tejeda, where we were delighted to find a little bakery to sample some cakes. Heading back to the apartment we were a little annoyed to see Roque Nublo bathed in sunshine and visible for miles around, but that’s just the way things go sometimes.

Maspalomas Sand DunesMaspalomas Sand Dunes

After a relaxing afternoon we rounded off the day with a trip to the dunes. It’s hard to appreciate how vast they are without being among them.

Day 6

Roque Nublo with El TeideSummit Tour

Another day of biking doing the Peak Tour with Freemotion, again we’d chosen a tour that involved 2000m of descent but only 550m of ascent. As we left Maspalomas it was cloudy once again, so I had no expectations of any views, so we were delighted to glimpse El Teide on Tenerife as we drove to the start point.

Started the tour and got a proper view as we cycled up to the view point at Pico de Nieves before starting the singletrack! Lots of rough rocky stuff and a some nice flowing stuff through the forest. A great tour, but on a strange bike it required rather more concentration than I liked and at times I felt like a cyclocross rider I was hopping on and off the bike that often. By the end of the day the short uphill sections seemed to be the ‘easy’ bits and although my legs still had plenty of energy my arms were shot. Got some nice bruises to show for it, mainly as a result of a comedy bike saddle stuck in shorts back pocket moment!

I’ve come to the conclusion though, that I really really love MY bike. Maybe it’s just an easy excuse but whilst the Cannondale Rizes we were on were great bikes they weren’t quite right for me and at at times I was just a little bit too far out of my comfort zone.

The final part of our route took us inside the ‘Grand Canyon’ where we were sampled the cactus fruits that are everywhere – they were just OK.

Route on Google Maps