Fantastic Mr FoxTwit twooSnail & Mikkel’re in for a very nice little bike ride!

Lured by the prospect of signage on the Kitchener route we headed to Sherwood Pines. It’s been fairly dry recently so conditions were on the whole pretty good. Although there is a special kind of mud appearing in places that feels more like glue, having to pedal to go keep going downhill is rather strange! And the signs were finally there, although a bit ambiguous in places. Diagonal arrows seem to mean either left/right or straight on depending on where you were. We managed a bit further along the trail than the last time we were there, before coming to a trail closed/diversion sign and then the trail was gone, never to be found again. It did mean we saw some animals -fox, badger, deer, rabbit – albeit wooden ones.

Total distance: 16.9 km
Average speed: 10.9 km/h

Route map