After being very disappointed with missing all the bluebells last year I was determined it was going to find them this year. I’d hoped to find some on my commute home after a tip off from someone at work but a flat tyre meant I had to train it home – damn those hawthornes. A day later I returned and found what I was looking for, very pretty!

BluebellsThrough the fordButterfly & Bluebell

Despite what the weatherman said, Sunday was bright and sunny. In search of a gentle ride and more bluebells we headed to Clumber. We’ve started and finished rides there before but not ridden round all that much, and it was a pleasant surprise – really nice gentle relaxed riding and very pretty. I saw what I now know was an Orange Tip butterfly. Not one I’ve ever seen before and a big of googling revealed you only see them in April as their caterpillars only feed on flowers of certain plants not the leaves so once those spring flowers are gone so are the butterflies. So today’s trip was educational too!

Length: 20.9km
Top Speed: 36km/h
Orange Tip Butterflies: 3
Bluebells: Thousands!
Water Crossings: 1

Route Map