Good Friday


Woke up to sunshine on Good Friday, it seemed that the forecast had been wrong (what’s new) but by the time we got to Dalby the rain had arrived. We just wanted something to stretch the legs, nothing too strenuous so we combined part of the blue with a section of red to make a nice 17km loop. In places it was slippery in the wet, although I’m sure that my tyres pumped up to 50psi didn’t help! We’ll definitely be back.

Still raining we retired to the campsite to set up the tent, our groundsheet protecter was converted to a rainfly and so we could cook under cover and enjoy the fresh, if somewhat damp, air.

Route Map

Ampleforth Sprint MTB Triathlon

And so the day of the Ampleforth MTB sprint triathlon arrived. In a moment of madness I’d entered this the week before, after a lot of time dithering about various events I decided it was just best to enter an event and get it over with and thus tick off ‘Triathlon’ on my things to do before I’m 30 list. (Although truth be told, I’ve no idea what any of the other things on this list are/were!).

Got to the race start, registered, sorted out stuff in transition, gained some Karma points by lending a tyre of Mikkel’s bike to someone who’d managed to blow the sidewall of their’s inflating it before the race and then it was a fair amount of hanging about for my start time.

Start time finally arrived, I opted for standing by the heater rather than swimming lengths as my warm up! With only 20 seconds between fastest and slowest in my lane it should have been fairly straightforward, but I overtook the guy in front after 2 lengths and managed to lap someone else after 4. I’m pretty sure my swim time was accurate, even optimistic so I don’t know what happened there. Perhaps, like someone I spoke to earlier, they’d given a 400m time for what was actually a 500m race!

First out the pool but not by much and plenty seemed to leave transition before me. I had to try and wriggle into my leggings with wet legs, but no major mishaps and I was away on the bike. Managed to lose my drinks bottle the first time I went to take a drink, oops, but didn’t really matter. Lots of mud on the course, but nothing too technical, most of my concentration was required for breathing! Rather cruelly the bike leg ended in a big push back up the first descent, not what was needed at all but got the bike back to transition and started on the run.

So I ran, and then I walked and then I ran and then I walked some more etc. Suffice to say running is not my strong point and soon everyone was overtaking me, it was all expected though and I made it through the 5km and up the final steep bank at the end and it was over!

Final time ended up being 1 hour 46 minutes which I’m fairly happy with. It was a little disappointing that they didn’t take split timings, it would have been nice to compare how I did on the various legs.

Easter Sunday


Sunday is a day of rest so after driving over to the lakes we relaxed, set up camp, read, enjoyed the sunshine, ate outside, watched wild ponies set up road blocks, and generally chilled out.

Easter Monday

View from top of Whinlatter South Loop

A trip to Whinlatter on Easter Monday for a little taster ride before heading home. We did the South Loop, some nice uphill singletrack far preferable to fire road slogs and some great flowing descents. The weather was brilliant, the riding short and sweet and the views were great.

Route Map

At the topMik having a breather