biketrip 003Cycle Route 54AView from the Tent

With the date of our North Sea Cycle trip fast approaching, we thought we’d better get in a trial run now that we’ll all trailered and panniered up.

We just wanted a nice little circular trail, which we could split in two with a campsite stop and not too hilly – we’ll be cycling in Denmark so the hill practice isn’t really required! The Tissington Triangle fitted the bill perfectly, starting at Parsley Hay, down the Tissington Trail before picking up cycle route 54a to Carsington and then onto the High Peak Trail and back to where we started. Route map

We had a fairly leisurely start to Saturday so it was gone 4pm by the time we were on the trail, plenty of other people about, but we were soon flying by, on that sort of surface the trailer was barely noticeable. A few interesting moments on some of the steeper downhill sections, all the extra weight means you pick up speed rather quickly, I suspect that the fact that my brakepads on the front are virtually non-existent didn’t help and I did a good snake impression before speeding up and pulling the trailer straight again. It felt like no time at all before we reached our overnight campsite. Tent up, cooking stuff out, onions chopped, gas cannister knackered – doh! We had plenty of food that didn’t need cooking so we wouldnt have gone hungry, but opted to go to the pub instead – shouldn’t really have bothered. It would have been a lovely evening to sit outside and cook.

Woke up to another day of glorious sunshine, a quick breakfast and repacked everything up. Tightened the straps up on the trailer a little too tight and it was rubbing but luckily noticed straight away so we loosened them and were on our way, something to keep an eye out when packing in future.

Continuing along national cycle route 54A, skirting Carsington water, lovely and quiet and peaceful at that time in the morning. We laughed at all the signs advising us of ‘steep slope’ and ‘cyclists advised to dismount’ and ignored them and carried on riding. Soon reached the first big uphill of the day and it was straight down into the granny ring, managed to keep the pedals turning all the way to the top though which I was fairly pleased about. I’m pretty sure that hill was harder than anything Denmark is going to throw at us. We soon found the point where we joined the High Peak Trail and after one fairly short gentle incline it was a nice easy ride with stunning views all the way back to the car.

Route Map Tissington Triangle
Total Distance 44.3km
Total Ascent 757m
Max Speed 46.5 km/h
Average Speed 14.9 km/h