Arriving on FanøSønderho MillRiding along the beach on Fanø
Time to get back on the bikes, so we made a short ferry hop across the water from Esbjerg to Fanø. Flat trails and the wind behind us meant it was short work to get down to Sønderho at the southern end of the island. There’s only one road to this place so we could either go back the same way (boring!) or bike along the beach back up to Nordby. As you can see, we chose the beach!
Riding along the beach on FanøPlaying on the beachBalancing act
The sand here is really compact though, enough that the cars drive along the beach quite easily as well, so the biking wasn’t too hard apart from the fact it was straight into the fairly strong wind. Good job that the sand is so well compacted here, otherwise we would have been sandblasted. Lots of kite buggies and windsurfbuggies (? no idea if there’s a proper term for this), looks like fun.

Nordby KirkeMmm PancakesNordby Street

11km up the beach into the wind and we were ready for some nourishment, a good day isn’t really complete without cake, and pan-cakes are close enough! Yum yum

Total Distance: 30.2km
Fano Route Map