Rubjerg LighthouseBirdie

Rain again overnight but dry when we left the campsite. We opted to miss out the 15 km stretch of the route that’s on the beach itself and took the roads on a slightly less direct route. Rejoining the official route we saw the Rubjerg lighthouse buried in the dunes. We made a little detour to see Marup Kirke, only to find the church wasn’t there. Evidently they’ve moved it to stop it falling victim to coastal erosion. Still the view was nice enough.

Through Lønstrup which was very picturesque and then battling the wind, which had changed direction from previous days, up to Tornby. A forest track through the plantation made for some nice riding, but before long we were back on the road and coming into Hirtshals. Here we stocked up on provisions and then visited the Oceanarium.

It was a little wet A place in the dry

It had just started to rain at this point and we hoped that this would give our bums a well earned rest and give the rain a chance to pass. It was not to be, the rain had intensified but with 15km left to ride to our planned overnight stop we didn’t have a lot of choice. It wasn’t so bad really, whilst wet it was still warm. The only downside was the thought of spending the night in a damp tent. We turned up at a campsite closely resembling drowned rats, and they took pity on us asking for a tent spot and instead put is in a four person cabin at no extra charge! So i’m sat in the dry after a nice days riding of 70km or so, and only 30 km left to go!

The plotted GPX route gives the total distance for this day as 76.5km
Day 4 Route Map