Morning view from the shelterSunflowersDay 2

Woke up to a lovely sunrise, no rain today. First target was Thyborøn. Some little hills, a nice change after the flatness, freewheeling gives you time to enjoy the view a bit more. We’d just bought some stuff for lunch, intending to eat whilst we waited for the ferry when Mik got his second puncture.

On the ferry from ThyborønBunkers at Klitmøller

We made it to the ferry just in time to climb aboard, a ten minute trip across the water and then it was time for lunch and puncture repair. Then an 8 km slog along the peninsular. It wasn’t that hard really, but being able to see your destination 8km away with nothing but a dead straight road ahead just makes the miles drag. With our bums suffering more than our legs we decided to take the road rather than the scenic route, not that the road wasn’t scenic. Made a few minor adjustments to the bike, seemed to help the comfort a little and the more upright position takes full advantage of the tail wind. We arrived at Klitmøller and our campsite for the night just before 4 and 75 km or so from where we started. Enough time to get showered and go get sandblasted on the beach and climb a little on the bunkers. Ready for bed now.

The plotted GPX route gives the total distance for this day as 82km
Day 2 Map