Road to HanstholmVigsø

Despite thunder and lightening waking us in the night patches of blue sky were showing when we left the campsite. First stop was Hanstholm for breakfast. A big gust of wind blew my Custard Danish off the table just as i was sitting down. Still edible, just less custard as most of it was now decorating my trousers!
Back in the saddle we made a quick detour to see the bunkers at Vigsø. The short journey back to the route made us realise how fortunate we were to have the wind at our backs.

BoatsRoadside snack<Vester Torup Klitplantage

Lunch at Bulbjerg, Denmark’s only bird cliff. We didn’t see any birds, just thousands of ladybirds. The next stage took us through a lovely plantation, with hills either side, unusual for Denmark, emerging back onto the paved road we came across some plum trees so had a quick roadside snack, before continuing on to Slettestrand.
A few photos then the final stretch into Blokhus and our campsite for the night. We’re doing our best to exterminate the local mosquito population but seem to be losing. Somewhere around 80 km completed today. 100 more until Skagen but we can spread that over two days – woo hoo!

The plotted GPX route gives the total distance for this day as 109km
Day 3 Route Map