Råbjerg MileThe final destinationDSCF8014

After a very pleasant night’s sleep in a nice dry shelter it was time to put on the wet shoes again and complete the final stretch, luckily not in the rain.

I thought I was going to be able to write that we survived the whole route with only 2 punctures, but Mik noticed my headset was a little loose and then sheared the bolt trying to tighten it (with nothing more than a little multi tool and not a lot of force) – doh! Not a lot we could do, so I just taped the top cap back on and we were on our way.

The kilometres were very easy, knowing that there was less than 40 to do was a big help. First stop was Råbjerg Mile, the largest moving sand dune in Northern Europe. Then the final stretch, all the way to Skagen, and we’d made it! The only thing left was to park the bikes and walk out to the very northerly tip where the waters from either side meet.

The plotted GPX route gives the total distance for this day as 39km
Day 5 Route Map