I’ve been a very slack little blogger of late, but I have been busy making all sorts of things for Christmas, gifts and decorations. So more Danish Christmas Hearts, 3d paper stars, Paper Snowflakes like last year. But also an Origami Wreath – I saw this and just had to make one, it turned out rather well. And a few more paper made decorations that I might blog a bit more later.

Having now amassed fabric scraps from various projects I was able to put them to good use. My niece got a new dress some fabric cubes with her initials on them, and a fabric ‘animal’ book. She seemed to be chewing on them quite happily on Boxing Day morning so I’ll take that as a sign of approval!

The fabric cubes are just made from six 9cm x 9cm squares, sewn together on all but one edge, turned inside out and filled with toy stuffing before hand sewing the final edge.

The book was made with fabric scraps and quilt batting, some of the animal shapes were appliqued and others just quilted around.

After seeing my doorstop , my sister requested a bag made out of the same Ikea material (which I love). Typically I left it until the last minute, so it’s not quite as I would have liked but not bad for a first attempt at a shoulder type bag. It’s just a simple rectangular bag, fully lined with a couple of internal pockets. I had to steal the loops to attach the strap off some of my trousers but I don’t think they’ll be missed. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback and then I’ll make a mark II version!

Star Shaped Ribbon

Final stage of my handmade Christmas was the wrapping, I found a great video on the Instructables website and learned how to make star shaped ribbons.