Winter SunChristmas dinner - part Danish part EnglishEsmerelda in the snow

Well, at the grand old age of 29 I’ve finally experienced my first white Christmas. Ok, I didn’t actually see any snowflakes falling, but they were witnessed at Watnall weather station in the early hours so officially a White Christmas! The world was white anyway, and we had a nice winter walk in Hardwick Park on Christmas day before returning home to our half Danish, half English Christmas dinner.

Our planned ride on Boxing Day didn’t happen, rain in the night had turned the compacted snow on our road into an ice rink and with conditions expected to be like that elsewhere as bikes and ice generally don’t get on.

Sunday and time for a ride whatever the weather, a quick trip into Hathersage for a size exchange on a Christmas present, and then onto Ladybower. It really didn’t look very inviting but we went ahead anyway. A few inches of slush on the road meant we had cold frozen bottoms within minutes of starting. Wind in our faces, icy conditions underwheel and one comedy fall by me and we decided that we’d just do the loop round Ladybower and skip Derwent reservoir. We finished the ride with no further incidents, it was nice to get out but it’s not really bike friendly weather right now.