Sock menagerieI’d had a hankering to make a sock monkey for a while. I’d found some socks that would be perfect a few weeks ago and finally made a monkey last weekend whilst watching the snow fall. He turned out pretty well, but the socks I’d bought came in a pack of two and I was left with a pair with a print that would be just perfect for a giraffe.

So i made a giraffe. I’d fully intended to take pictures of the process and write down some instructions, but got carried away and forgot!

And then I spied some pink socks, and thought they’d make a nice little elephant. So I made an elephant but this time I remembered the instructions.

Sock Elephant Tutorial

You’ll need a pair of socks (preferably with contrasting heel and toe), matching thread, toy stuffing.

step11. Turn one sock (Sock 1) inside out and arrange so that the sock is flat with the heel facing upwards. From the heel to the toe, mark the centre with pins and then stitch one side of the centreline then round to the edge of the sock before the toe as indicated on the photo. Repeat the process on the other side of the centreline. This will be the elephant’s legs.

step22. Cut the toe off the end of the sock, this will become an elephant’s ear. Repeat for the other sock

step33. Cut between the two lines of stitches sewn in step 1 to separate the elephant’s legs. Cut slightly beyond the starting point for the stitches to ensure you are left with a large enough hole for stuffing/turning the right side out.
step44. Turn the sock the right way out, and you should have something that looks like this. The heel is your elephant’s bottom.
step55. Take sock 2 and cut off the ankle section from just above the heel. This piece will be used later to form the arms
step66. This is where it starts to get a little more tricky. With sock two inside out slide it over the body of the elephant (sock 1) which should be the right way out. The heel should be towards the top and facing the back of the elephant.
step77. So both heels are on the same ‘side’ with the heel of sock 2 nearer the opening which you are now going to stitch around the edge to join the two socks together.
step88. You should be left with something like this. I’ve turned it the right way round just to check the join stitching but this isn’t actually necessary at this stage.
step99. Arrange the socks so the heels are facing upwards and stitch two lines from below sock 2′s heel towards the open end to form a trunk as indicated in the photo. You can ‘close’ the trunk at this stage, I opted not to as the socks I was working with aren’t particularly large and I wanted to make the trunk as long as possible which meant hand-stitching it closed at the end.
step1010. Turn your socks the right way round through the hole in the crotch. You may need to use a chopstick or similar to push the trunk through.
step1111. Find the piece of sock cut off in step 5, pin or otherwise mark the centre and and then stitch one side of the centreline then round to the edge of the sock as indicated on the photo. Repeat the process on the other side of the centreline. Then cut down the middle to form two arms.
step1212. Start to fill the elephant with stuffing through the crotch hole, as you fill try and shape the elephant as you desire. Fill the arms with stuffing and then handsew to the elephant body. Take the toes cut off earlier and attach to the head as ears.
step1313. Finally, use a whip stitch to close the hole in the crotch. Well actually, the final bit is the eyes but as you can see the elephant can’t as he doesn’t have any yet!

Sock elephantOne (not quite) finished elephant. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or to show me a pic of any sock elephants you have made.