Sock Giraffe Tutorial

You’ll need a pair of socks (preferably with contrasting heel and toe), matching thread, toy stuffing.

Sock GiraffeFinally found some more socks and so was able to make another sock giraffe and remembered to take photos for a tutorial this time, although I did rush a bit towards the end so the photos tail off a bit (oops), should be fairly self explanatory by then I hope. So here it is.

step11. Find a pair of socks preferably with contrasting heel and toe. The size does not really matter, although larger gives you a bit more material to work with. The ones I have used here are a little on the small side.

step22. Turn one sock (Sock 1) inside out and arrange so that the sock is flat with the heel facing upwards.

step33. From the heel to the toe, mark the centre with pins and then stitch one side of the centreline then round to the edge of the sock before the toe as indicated on the photo. Repeat the process on the other side of the centreline. This will be the giraffe’s legs.

step44. Cut between the two lines of stitches to separate the giraffe’s legs. Cut slightly beyond the starting point for the stitches to ensure you are left with a large enough hole for stuffing/turning the right side out.
step55. Take sock 2 and cut off the foot section from just below the heel. This piece will be used to form the head and the remainder for the ears and arms
step66. This is where it starts to get a little more tricky. With the head section of sock two slide it into the body of the giraffe (sock 1) which should be the inside out.
step77. Stitch around the opening to join the two socks together, this is quite fiddly.
step88. The giraffe’s body is now attached to his head! At this point the giraffe will still be ‘inside out’, I’ve just turned to illustrate what you should have at this stage.
step99. Arrange your giraffe so (s)he is face down, with the heel facing upwards and stitch from the head inwards and then out again on both sides to form a neck. You can cut away the excess material around the neck, but it’s not always necessary. Don’t make the neck to thin as you need to be able to feed the head through it when you turn it inside out.
step1010. Take your left over bit of sock 2 and stitch as illustrated to form arms and ears. Depending on the size of your sock you may also be able to produce horns from this bit of material. As my socks were a bit small I used scrap from another project for this part.
step1111. Cut between the stitching and turn right way out
step1212. Turn the giraffe right way out through the hole in the crotch, start to fill with stuffing, as you fill try and shape the elephant as you desire. Fill the arms with stuffing and then handsew to the giraffe body at the point where the neck starts to form. As you attach the ears fold the head over so the head is facing forwards. Attach the giraffe horns to the head, close the hole in the crotch and stitch some eyes, I used small ovals of felt. Finally, send him/her to someone to love .
Please leave a comment if you have any questions or to show me a pic of any sock giraffes you have made.