Teatowel to Drawstring Bag – 15 minute project

You’ll need: 1 tea towel, matching thread

DSCF1863Christmas presents all bought and ready to send, but for whatever reason DHL need to inspect a package before accepting it for delivery which rules out wrapping paper. I’d seen various mentions of re-useable gift bags and I remembered I’d bought some tea towels a few weeks ago and so an idea was formed. Something quick and easy as I needed to make a few before tomorrow so I ran up a few of these.

step11. Cut a tea towel in half, my tea towels were 28 x 20 inches so I was left with a rectangle of material measuring 14 x 20 with only 1 unfinished/cut edge. This size will make a drawstring pouch that’ll hold a book/dvd/toiletries or other similar sized items.

step22. Below the long finished edge sew a button hole on either end. It needs to be about an inch and a half below the edge so that the holes will be on the outside when you fold over the edge

step33. Fold over the edge and stitch to form a channel which you can pass your ribbon/tie through. As mentioned previously, the buttonholes you have just sewn should be on the outside edge of the channel.

step44. Fold the material in half so that the short edges meet, and the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric is on the outside. Stitch along the edge to make a tube. Then stitch along the bottom to close the bottom of the bag.

step55. You can skip this stage depending on the item you want to go in your bag, flatter items such as books do not need this stage. Form box corners a the bottom of the bag, choose whichever size you prefer.

step66. Use a safety pin to thread your chosen ribbon in through the button hole, along the channel and out through the second button hole.

step77. Put your gifts inside and cinch shut

step88. You still have half a teatowel left, make another one, and another, and another :-)