A trip to Santa Cruz today, firstly to sort out permits for Teide, just in case by some small miracle the summit is accessible again by Friday and secondly Mikkel was quite keen to see the canon that shot off Nelson’s arm!

The permits were easily sorted but unfortunately we didn’t manage to find the exact canon, even though it appeared in the information leaflet. Plenty of other cannons though and lots of interesting old maps.

Dragon tree @ el draguilloAfter lunch in the sunshine we headed further north to Anaga for a little walk. Starting in Benijo, we headed along the coastal road to El Draguillo. Took pictures of the Dragon tree after which the village is named and then walked what felt like straight up the hillside before traversing back along the ridge. Not entirely straightforward it turned out, recent rain had caused several minor landslides which had to be negotiated. We almost turned round at one, unsure whether landslides further along would completely halt our progress. We persevered though and any further landslides were easily negotiated.

Anaga CoastlineStunning views over the coastline as we descended back to Benijo and past the “acceso cortado” sign on the footpath. I’d noticed this sign on the way to El Draguillo but had assumed it referred to the access for cars rather than pedestrians – oh well. It was a great walk.

Back home via Santa Cruz, some great views over Tenerife and Teide as the sun went down.