Teide has a hatSnow isn’t perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Tenerife, but the rain of Wednesday night had fallen as snow at higher elevations and there was still plenty of it about as we drove up into the National Park. Everything was very pretty but it put any end to hopes that the path to the crater itself would be open again so for the second time our permits went unused (third time lucky maybe?). We took the cable car up anyhow, and although nice enough, without being able to wander from the cable car station it was a bit disappointing, no 360 degree views and at -4 C at the top, we weren’t too keen to hang around!

Who can resist making a snowman whenever there's snow about?Lower down there was just enough snow to make a snowman and then it was time to head to the beach. There’s not many places you can make a snowman and then go snorkelling all on the same day.