Start of Masca WalkLittle tailess lizardWaterfall in Masca Gorge

Originally we’d planned to go to Santa Cruz to sort out Teide permits but since the summit is currently closed we decided that could wait until later in the week.

It was a gorgeous day so the decision was made to do the hike down the Masca Barranco. Headed to Los Gigantes to sort out the boat taxi for the return and then a taxi up to Masca itself. It was nice to be admiring the scenery rather than navigating the insanely twisty road down to Masca itself.

We took a gentle stroll round the village, still quiet in the early morning (apparently it gets very crowded with tourists later in the day), before we started the descent into the Barranco. The initial section descends through palm trees, little lizards scuttling from their sunbathing spots as you pass, until you reach the stream bed, plenty of water around at this time of year. Soon the gorge narrows and most of the walk is then in the shade of the towering walls either side. The path meanders from bank to bank, with small obstacles to negotiate but never straying too far from the running water.

Just over a couple of hours after we started, terraces start to reappear and the sound of the sea can be heard. The barranco opens up again and we’re back in the sunshine and shortly emerging onto the beach, the cliffs of Los Gigantes towering either side.

A spot of lunch and some time to relax whilst waiting for the taxi boat. Boarding the boat was ‘interesting’, the sea was fairly choppy and boarding consisted of jumping and making a grab for the hand rails on the shout of one of the crew.

We arrived back at the car with just enough time to pop to the beach for a quick swim. A great end to a great day