I have a great little travel tripod that goes everywhere with me, but Mikkel wanted something fairly portable to support his SLR for shots where the camera needed to be steady. So at 9am on the morning we were going on holiday (we left for the airport at 10.30!) I quickly knocked something up. Two rectangles of fabric, camo on one side – the remains of some trousers that had split – and a black brushed cotton the other, stitched face side together, with a small hole left for turning. Turn right way out, fill the bag with rice through the opening and then hand sew it shut. Easy peasy! And I’m pleased to report it worked rather well, providing a nice level surface placed on the volcanic rock in Tenerife.

Beanbag 'Tripod'

If I’d had a bit more time, I’d probably insert a zipper so that the filling was easily replaceable and maybe work out what filling material would be the lightest to use.