TeideUnder the seaAlmond Tree overlooking Chirche

We woke up to blue skies and headed up into the National Park, a sharp contrast to last year when we were greeted by snow and hail when we drove up into the interior. We had a nice leisurely drive and then a short walk around Mt Samara to admire the lunar landscape before returning to the cottage for lunch, stopping to collect pine cones for the fire. We parked at the Mirador, a 10 minute walk away, as I wasn’t yet up to facing the drive up to the cottage! (Photo to follow)

After a short siesta we headed to Alcalá for a swim. No beach here, just a paved terrace with steps straight into the sea, but sand is overrated anyway. Lots of sea life amongst the rocky shore, fairly choppy though so not the best conditions.

Back to the cottage again and I felt brave enough this time to tackle the drive up. The technique consists mainly of flooring it well in advance of the incline (further complicated by the presence of a blind bend) in order to gain enough momentum to pass the very steepest section at the beginning, just crawling up slowly is not an option.

Luckily the Mirador is easy walking distance, so up there for dinner and watching the sunset over La Gomera.