Danish Christmas Hearts
Christmas Hearts

Want to make these yourself?

  1. Print this basic heart pdf template or this template for the designs above onto two contrasting coloured sheets of A4 paper.
  2. Cut along the black line to create 3 rectangular strips from each piece of paper
  3. Fold along the dashed line
  4. Then cut out along the lines to create a shape, consisting of a square with a semi circle at the end.
  5. Cut along each black line to the line that runs along the top.
  6. Unfold each shape, and refold so that the inside is now the outside so the printed lines will be hidden on the inside
  7. Weave the strip from one side, between and then over the strips on the other side
  8. Thread each strip in turn
  9. Make sure the strips go through and over, not under and on top
  10. As you get nearer the end, it gets trickier to thread the paper
  11. The finished article, the final step is to attach a handle made of paper or string
  12. The heart can be opened out and filled with sweets if desired or just hung on the tree
  13. instructions

    You can also download these instructions as a pdf document.

    If you’d prefer the finished article, please visit my Etsy (US) or Folksy (UK) shop

    Christmas hearts
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